Canoe Experience

We have a canoeing experience. If you experience canoeing for the first time, you can experience with the instructors.

The contents of the practice
First, you wear a life jacket and helmet. Next, practice how to hold the paddle and how to paddle it.

After practicing how to use the paddle, let’s actually ride a canoe.Advance,Resession,Stop and Spin.
Canoeing is an unstable vehicle. You may turn over where you can not imagine.

I will also practice ‘chin-datsu'(It means turn over) for that time. When you turn over suddenly, you may be surprised.

You escape from your ass calmly.
After leaving, run away to the side of the canoe.
At that time, keep the paddle from releasing your hand.

Let’s learn the basis of getting on the canoe and enjoy safely.
We will help you.

Details of canoe school
・ Place
Kumano River or its tributary   
   (A beginner’s course is Akakigawa or a safe river with no flow .  You can see various places according to the level of the participants. ) 

・ Date and time
desired from May to September (on request)

 ・ Time
About 3 hours each in the morning and afternoon

・ Fee
8000 japanese yen (Including rental fee for canoeing and insurance)  

Transfer(Please bear the transfer fee.) or Pay locally.

・About courses 

course A:Beginners

The tributary of the Kumano River is a river without flow. First, you will practice how to hold a paddle, ride a canoe, and sink, practice movements such as moving forward, backward, and changing left and right directions with a paddle. And let’s enjoy canoeing freely.

course B:Intermediates

This course is for people who have some experience.
You will practice the basics at the tributary of Kumano River and move to the main stream. Experience time is 2 hours including the moving time by car.

course C:Try

It is a course for experienced people. We will ride canoes on the main stream of Kumano River for about 2-3 hours. You will enjoy nature of Kumano on this course.

*Important request about canoeing
Canoeing is sports.
Persons with heart disease or spine chronic disease are not allowed to participate.
Please refrain from participation if you are pregnant or have any of the symptoms.

You can apply for the Canoe experience from our website or by email. Please apply here via Mail.